Merritt Deeter
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Merritt N. Deeter

Project Scientist III

MOPITT Project Leader

Atmospheric Chemistry Division
National Center for Atmospheric Research
mnd (at)

(303) 497-8063

Research Interests

My particular niche is retrieval algorithm development for atmospheric remote sensing problems. I am especially interested in satellite-based methods, given their unique global capability and because I'm fascinated by the underlying technology. My research takes me alternately from radiative transfer modeling to algorithm development to validation to data analysis. In 2008, I became the MOPITT project leader. In support of my research, I have analyzed observations from a wide array of contemporary satellite instruments including MODIS, AIRS and AMSR-E. (Click on CV to see recent publications.)

Trace-Gas Retrievals

(Measurements of Pollution in the Troposphere) is a NASA-funded satellite remote sensing instrument for monitoring carbon monoxide and methane. MOPITT was launched at the end of 1999, and continues to provide invaluable data. I am a Co-Investigator on this project. My technical work on this project has primarily involved retrieval algorithm development and validation. Current goals for MOPITT retrieval algorithm development include (1) accounting for gradual long-term instrumental changes in the retrieval processing, thereby eliminating long-term 'drift' in the retrieval products and (2) fully exploiting MOPITT's near-infrared channels as a path towards increasing the sensitivity of the retrieval products to CO in the boundary layer.

Recent Publications

CO Retrievals based on MOPITT Near-Infrared Observations (published in JGR-Atmospheres, 2009)

New Satellite Method for Retrieving Precipitable Water Vapor over Land and Ocean (featured on cover of Geophysical Research Letters vol. 34, no. 2)