An updated global ozone data set (1979-2005) derived

  from SAGE I+II data, plus polar ozonesondes

We have derived a global ozone data set for use in global climate modeling
studies.  The data cover the time period 1979-2005 with monthly resolution,
for altitudes up to 50 km.  Interannual ozone variations are derived from a
combination of SAGE I+II satellite data and polar ozonesondes (illustrated
in the schematic below)..  
The interannual changes are combined with the
climatological ozone data set of Fortuin and Kelder (JGR, 1998, p. 31709),
to provide a complete data set.

The details of the data analysis are described in this paper:

Randel, W. J., and F. Wu, 2007: A stratospheric ozone profile data set for 1979–2005:
Variability, trends, and comparisons with column ozone data
, J. Geophys. Res.,
, D06313, doi:10.1029/2006JD007339.  pdf reprint

The monthly data set is available via anonymous ftp at:
There is a simple reader file in reader_2005.f which explains
the data format.  Send me email ( if you have questions.

Here's a plot of the annual average ozone trends for 1979-2005.  Trends
are calculated by regression onto a stratospheric chlorine proxy
(equivalent effective stratospheric chlorine, EESC), and results are
expressed as the net percentage changes in ozone during 1979-2005.

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