Chemistry Climate Modeling: CESM(CAM-chem)

Highlight: WACCM forecast for air quality and stratospheric chemistry and dynamics

Check out our WACCM 10-day forecast nudged towards GEOS5 meteorological forecast winds!!!

Chemistry-Climate Working Group Liaison of the Community Earth System Model

  • Lecturer at the CESM annual CESM Tutorial
  • Development of the CESM Chemistry Diagnostic Set
  • CESM1.2.2 CAMchem model description and evalatuation
  • Description of Performed CCMI Model Experiments
  • Participation in CMIP6 / AerChemMIP model simulations using WACCM6
  • Other Resources

  • CESM Chemistry Climate Working Group Wiki Page
  • CESM(CAMchem) Scientifically Validated Release Version
  • CESM User's Guide
  • CESM Chemistry Climate Working Group
  • Chemistry-Climate Model Initiative
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