Bill Randel's home page at NCAR

I am a Senior Scientist in the Atmospheric Chemistry Observations and Modeling Lab
at NCAR.
  My research interests include large-scale circulation and transport in the atmosphere,
and understanding the variability of trace constituents using satellite observations.   I have
been a lead author for the WMO/UNEP Assessments of stratospheric ozone and temperature
trends,  IPCC Assessments of Climate Change, and I am actively involved with a number of
SPARC activities.  I am also currently
on the Steering Group for the Network for the Detection
of Atmospheric Composition Change (NDACC).
        Dr. William Randel
        Atmospheric Chemistry Observations and Modeling Laboratory (ACOM)                                                    
        PO Box 3000
        Boulder, Colorado  80307-3000
        303-497-1415 (fax)

You can also contact my Administrative Assistant:

        Barb Petruzzi