Simone Tilmes

Dr. Simone Tilmes

Project Scientist II,
CESM Chemistry-Climate Liaison

Atmospheric Chemistry Observations & Modeling, NCAR
PO Box 3000
Boulder, Colorado  80307-3000
303-497-1400 (fax)


Dr. Simone Tilmes is a Project Scientist II at National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and the liaison for the Community Earth System Model (CESM) chemistry-climate working group. Her scientific interests cover the understanding and evaluation of chemical, aerosol and dynamical processes in chemistry-climate models. She has investigated past, present and future evolution of the ozone hole in both hemispheres based on models and observations. In the last 10 years, she also focuses on tropospheric chemistry, aerosols, air quality, long-range transport of pollutants, and of tropospheric ozone. She further studies the impact of geoengineering on the Earth’s climate system, the hydrological cycle, and the impact of solar radiation management on dynamics and chemistry in both troposphere and stratosphere. She published more than 110 peer reviewed papers.

CV 2018

Area of Expertise and Research Interests: Stratospheric and tropospheric chemistry and dynamics of the Earth System

  • Coupling between stratospheric dynamics, chemistry, and aerosols, and their influence on climate
  • Past, Present, and Future Evolution of the Arctic and Antarctic Ozone Hole
  • Tropospheric Chemistry, Aerosols, and Climate Interactions
  • Evaluation of Chemistry Climate Models
  • Research Highlights

    Geoengienering Large Ensemble (GLENS) Project

    Tilmes, S., J.H. Richter, B. Kravitz, D.G. MacMartin, M.J. Mills, I.R. Simpson, A.S. Glanville, J.T. Fasullo, A.S. Phillips, J. Lamarque, J. Tribbia, J. Edwards, S. Mickelson, and S. Gosh, 0: CESM1(WACCM) Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering Large Ensemble (GLENS) Project. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 0 []

  • Geoengineering
  • Chemistry Climate Modeling
  • CESM Chemistry Diagnostic Set
  • Datasets

  • Ozone Climatology
  • GeoMIP G4-specific Stratospheric Aerosols Dataset
  • Workshops

  • ACOM Fundamentals in Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosol Modeling, Boulder, August 2018
  • GeoMIP Summer School, Boulder, July 2015
  • Internation African Air Quality Workshop, Nigeria, June 2014
  • Addressing climate challenges in developing countries, April 2012
  • Publications

  • Publications
  • Books and Reports
  • Resources

    CESM Chemistry Climate Working Group
    CESM Chemistry Climate Working Group Wiki Page
    National Center for Atmsopheric Research (NCAR)
    Atmospheric Chemistry Observations & Modeling (ACOM)