Simone Tilmes

Dr. Simone Tilmes

Project Scientist,
CESM Chemistry-Climate Liaison,
Chairperson of the NCAR Early Career Scientist Assembly (ECSA)

Atmospheric Chemistry Division, NCAR
PO Box 3000
Boulder, Colorado  80307-3000
303-497-1400 (fax)

Area of Expertise and Research Interests:

Stratospheric and tropospheric chemistry and dynamics:

  • Past, Present, and Future Evolution of the Arctic and Antarctic Ozone Hole
  • Tropospheric Chemistry and Climate Interactions
  • Evaluation of Chemistry Climate Models
  • Geoengineering

    Ozone Climatology

    CESM Chemistry Diagnostic Set

    Release version: amwg_diag_20140207

  • Add chemistry diagnostics and capability to read timeseries files
  • A preliminary version of chemistry diagnostics is added for model to model comparisons and for comparisons against observations which includes:
  • - Chemistry and aerosol budgets
  • - Zonal average comparison of different chemicals between two models
  • - Comparison to ozonesonde present day climatology (Tilmes et al., 2012)
  • - Comparison of column ozone to OMI present day climatology (Ziemke et al., 2011)
  • - Comparison of column CO with MOPITT Version 6 multispectral 'V6J' Level 3 product present day climatology (Deeter et al., in preparation)
  • - Comparison to aircraft observations of various chemical species, (updated climatology from Emmons et al. 2000, Tilmes et al., in preparation)
  • - IMPROVE surface aerosol observations


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    Early Career Scientist Assembly (ECSA)
    National Center for Atmsopheric Research (NCAR)
    NCAR Earth System Laboratory (NESL)
    Atmospheric Chemistry Division (ACD)



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